Sunday, November 2, 2008

Funeral Potatoes

Someone asked me, a Catholic woman, to provide a favorite Mormon side dish for the Halloween Party we attended on Friday. After a short internet search, I'm proud to exhibit this result - funny and commented as the best ever! I added some onion and garlic powders to the mix with great results.

I’ve had some requests for my funeral potato recipe, because my funeral potatoes rock! Just be warned, this is a traditional Utah Mormon dish, thus it is a difficult process requiring great skill and patience, only the freshest of ingredients, and yielding a highly nutritious and aesthetically pleasing result.

It is essential that you follow each of these complex steps to the letter!

First, lock your twelve kids in the backyard with a hose and some nerf balls.

Use a mixer to beat together a big tub of sour cream, two cans of cream of mushroom soup, and a brick of cream cheese.

Stir in several big hand-fulls of grated cheddar cheese and two bags of O’Brian Diced (not shredded–too mushy) Hashbrowns.

Dump into a large cake pan.

Sprinkle some more cheese then a bunch of crushed Corn Flakes for the top. (Special K will work in a pinch, it’s a proven fact.)

Bake at 350 until it starts to smell really good and the middle is hot.

Serve with watery ham, fluffy white rolls, green jello, and a big sack of salad with ranch dressing.

source: Feminist Mormon Housewives

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